Posted on October 21, 2010


>Yesterday (20/10) agents of a mainstream union killed a 23-year-old activist of an independent union in Argentina. Social organisations and the non-official union confederation made an urgent call for mobilisations and a general strike in Buenos Aires.
Despite the 9% economic growth of the country’s economy, half of the workers barely reach the poverty line. 35% of the labour force is unregistered, and these workers earn, on average, 60% less than registered workers.  However, the huge majority of trade unions do almost nothing to this regard; they continue being owned by old-established bureaucrats that negotiate under the table.

But after the popular rebelions of december 2001, Argentina is not anymore the country is used to be; in many economic sectors, grass-roots activists have formed independent unions which have been some of the few (left-wing) pressure groups during Kirchner’s and Fernandez’ administrations (2003-present). The government denies the oficialisation of a second workers’ union confederation and works together wih the official confederation (CGT) to keep workers “in their place”. Today, one of the unions of the CGT killed an activist of an independent union to impose terror in the grass-roots and to test the popular reaction, in the wake of a decisive electoral year.

Mariano Ferreyra was a son of the popular rebellions of december 2001. The mainstream union leaders killed him because the flames of the rebellion are alive and they threaten the old farts of mummyfied peronist unions.

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