>30 OctoberBenefit Gig live Hip Hop Acts south London area.

Posted on October 20, 2010



HIP-HOP LIVE ACTS from London, San Francisco and Italy to raise money for Italian Antifa

Milan, 16 march 2003, two members of an Antifa group came out of Tipota, a pub frequented by members of leftists groups. Outside 3 fascists were waiting for them with knives, they stabbed them many times, leaving them on the ground. Dax died within a few minutes, the other guy was left with life threatening injuries. Immediately 4 police and carabinieri cars arrived. The street is tight and the cars strategically blocked the paramedics and ambulances getting through. After the guys were finally brought to the hospital, several comrades started moving to the hospital to find it guarded by several cops. Doctors said Dax is dead.
Despair, disbelief and rage….
The cops then provoked us and we push them away,in a few minutes 50 cops and carabinieri arrived and beat everyone in the hospital, militants, friends and citizens. Cops started a man hunt creating chaos in the first aid area and blocked public service. Many people got heavily injured inside the hospital. Cops used baseball bats, iron sticks extended truncheons.
Some people were arrested and charged. At the actual court case there were 4 friends of Dax and 3 cops. The court condemned 2 of the guys to 1 year and 8 months and to pay 10 0000 Euros for the hospital damages although at court the hospital staff confirmed that the damage was done by the cops. The members of the police are totally exempt from any crimes even if initially condemned to to 4 and 7 months of jail. One of the cops was filmed beating up a guy on the floor,the other was seen with a baseball bat.

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