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Some anarchist in london last night 18 octomber wen to the gathering demo against The Chilean terrorist president Sebastian Pinera will give a conference near there, in the LES cental london u.k.

flyer wil give out :




  • Pinera is a Populist right-wing leader, educated in Harvard. A billionaire belonging to the class of people whose fortune lies in the immiseration and poverty of the vast majority of Chilean population. His policy is nothing but more of the same shit of which all South America (and the whole world) have already had enough. Neo-liberal measures to increase “productivity” which in translation for us means more time of our lives wasted in wage labour slavery in an increasingly precarious situation while people like him gets more and more profit.
  • Pinera is highly skilful in mass manipulation. He knows how to address the masses (with the inestimable aid of the well domesticated mass media) and to cash in on every single opportunity to present himself as the opposite of what it is. His genocidal and fascistic leanings are being purposely hidden behind a media-fabricated aura of “strong leadership”, “charisma” and a badly faked preoccupation for the state of his “workers” and those in need. (Hitler used to do the same, democracy ow so much to “Historical” Fascism..)
  • Pinera is not hesitating in unleashing the most fascistic and Orwellian methods to criminalise and ruthlessly pounce on those who do not believe his bullshit and oppose his regime and the whole capitalist system and the state. The latest example has been the arrest and imprisonment on remand of 8 anarchist militants of Santiago, all done without any conclusive proof.
  • Pinera has continued and even worsened the particular ongoing war between the Chilean state and the Mapuche people, imprisoning and repressing these ancestral native population and applying on them the anti-terrorist law (passed during the Pinochet Dictatorship) which among other things allows for the “justicia ciega” (blind justice) with the presence of witnesses wearing balaclavas in the trials. After a huger strike of 90 days by Mapuche political prisoners this law has been withdrawn but still the future for the Mapuche is grim, with their lands surrounded and constantly under attack by the profit seeking interests of Western corporations which is to say THE MAIN CLIENTS OF PINERA.
  • Pinera is the perfect puppet president for the western interests in the region. The aim of his European tour being to lick the boots of those countries with direct economical interests and investments in Chile via multinational corporations exploiting mining and other natural resources in Chilean soil. UK has the dubious privilege of having deployed this policy with Chile from long ago, including the times of Pinochet’s dictatorship to which this country stood out as one of its main suppliers of weapons.
  • In Chile there has been a continuous climate of social unrest and conflict from the dictatorship to these days. People in there have never expected anything to change with the arrival of REAL EXISTING DEMOCRACY and to a great extent their suspicions have been confirmed but the hard real-life facts. This explains the proneness of an increasing sector of the population to fight against the new demo-fascist tyrants and follow a revolutionary path that we respect.
  • While pinera was having fun in his particular reality show another strike broke out in minas “El Toqui” with 280 miners following the action. No media coverage said a word. The same goes for the arrested anarchists and the Mapuche militant 90 days hunger strike in the prisons of Temuco, Angol, Valdivia and Concepcion.
  • Pinera’s brother is a die-hard far-right militant who has defended Pinochet in countless occasions and used to be a minister of labour during the Dictatorship.
  • Pinera has spent in between 10 and 20 millions of dollars in his particularly egotistic and self-promoting soap opera with the miners. The latter have been badly utilised in order to send an utterly false message of national unity and national proud which is supposed to make not distinctions between rich and poor, indigenous and westernised population. All of it is happening this year, 200 anniversary of the creation of the Chilean state.




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