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The tax office is a basic mechanism of support to the greek capital in the class war they have declared on the workers, since the bloodsucking of the economically “lacking” secures the prosperity in the economic elites that devour the social wealth.
Taxes reflect the legal version of robbery of the workers without of course any ethical inhibitions, since as the repercussions of the crisis in society intensify, the taxes on products of immediate need raise.
The confirmation that the tax office robs is not radical. It is a realism that if remains at the stage of confirming it will evolve into a unconditional acceptance of manipulation. This is why, the overcoming of the “christian ethic” and the acceptance that the struggle is in vain prerequisites the transitional passing to choices of social disobedience.
The attacks on economic targets, along with the building of a revolutionary movement that towards the ruthless policy of the capital organizes the denial of taxpaying in society, compose a multiform reality where two different practices of fighting coexist in the same struggle, since the target remains undivided: the revolutionary transformation of society through social mutiny.
Of course for the revolutionaries the conditions are always ripe for them to clash with the forces of the enemy. Thus, the groups of revolutionaries that take things into their own hands consist an immediate proposition for organizing the struggle. The theft of merchandise from luxury book shops, supermarkets, stores, the arson of state and capitalist targets, the beatings of fascists, cops, prison guards, security guards, bank robberies, are a part of the wider resistance that we are putting into act in the heart of first world manipulation.
The arson of the tax office in Exarcheia, friday 10/9, is part of the practices we call social disobedience. Its the moments that order is shaken by its deniers and the policy of fear is demythologised in the eyes of society. In this struggle we do not look for neutral cheerers but people that place their dignity higher than the fear of prison, their honour higher than the fake ethics of society, their self respect higher than the fear of unemployment.

We dedicate this action to Vaggelis Pallis that is in a coma in Trikala prisons. Whoever thinks that Vaggelis would commit suicide for a leave day denial we simply remind him that the untamed beasts are not tamed with drops of freedom.

-Solidarity to the 6 accused of being part of the organization “Revolutionary Struggle”, three of which (Nikos Maziotis, Polla Roupa, Kostas Gournas) have claimed responsibility for.

-HONOUR for EVER to anarchist fighter and member of R.S. Lambros Foundas.
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