>Anarchists attack two banks — Tacoma, WA

Posted on September 4, 2010



The communique goes down like this:

“One bank was attacked and another sabotaged in Tacoma, Washington.
One of them being Wells Fargo the main investor in GEO Group and
the Northwest Detention Center, an immigrant detention center
(prison) that sits comfortably in the Tacoma tide flats. “NO
PRISONS (A)” was spray painted on the side of the building and 3
windows where smashed. Bank of America also had an ATM card slot
glued. Bank of America is one of the three joint financial advisers
(including Merrlin Lynch and Barclays Int.) for GEO Group Corp.

In solidarity with all imprisoned, in all prisons,
And for the destruction of the prison world.

– Anarchists”

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