Posted on August 25, 2010



“We believe that the authorization will not even work positively for the reintegration of the prisoner because of the large balance of the sentence (!)

It is an unacceptable decision of the carbon-who continue to issue the judicial council that the prominent reason has been the Deputy Prosecutors, in series to dismiss the claims of prisoners license. It is no coincidence that the phenomenon of cutting permits, which is a big system to all prisons in the country, is one of the key demands of the prisoners’ protests and calls for a solution here and now.

This decision relates to the Malandrino prisoners and hunger strike for 29th day, chistos filos who has, since early 2010 two requests for a regular license, collecting as many negative responses for the same reason. What if a small percentage of inclusions, which do not exceed 4%, misuse of the right to leave, prosecutors continue to curtail without justification or, at best, lip service and a formal justification. “We will continue till you drop on a hunger strike to assert their legitimate right for me to arbitrarily cut me, though I qualify,” warns C. Filos mail privileges of the Attorney General and the Director of Prisons, and denounces the Public servants on the Malandrino inhuman behavior and ridicule. “Knowingly violate any kind of human dignity (we’re in a hurry), thinking the morbid imagination you how to curb and stop fighting for our just demands that you arbitrarily deprives us.

In his report to H. Kastanidis [minister of justice] after calls to “resolve in our ordeal,” says that: the dentist prison remains unpaid for a long time and still only on humanitarian grounds to be available to 450 prisoners, looking up 20-30 patients, the prison’s water supply is shared with coupon as before 50 years of bread in the Soviet Union, toiletries such as toilet paper, shampoo and cleaning items public areas are non-existent, while the phone to the ward where they kept does not work for a year.

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