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very bad news…
The tribunal of Concepcion decided that the prison guards can forcefully feed the Mapuche prisoners that are on hunger strike. There are 8 mapuche in the prisons of El manzano and in Lebu. 44 days after the hunger strike started, dizziness, alteration of the dreams, collapsing and even loss of consciousness is affecting the mobilization of those on hunger strike.

Conception, Wallmapo-24th aug. 2010
The court of appeals of Conception did authorize yesterday that the chilean prison guards can forcefully feed 8 people of the 32 mapuche political prisoners that are on hunger strike since the 12th July, detained for alleged terrorist actions. The measure was dictated as a request of the regional director of prison guards, Jorje Mera, who has under his jurisdiction 5 mapuche that are in El manzano prison and 3 confined in the prison of lebu.
The tribunal gave full authority to the prison guards to use force even in the case of any opposition by the strikers, under the excuse of saving their life. Like wise if the situation is considered a emergency, they are authorised to administrate medicine (drugs) and to take them to a secure medical centre even against their own will.

Mapuche territory – One of the 19 Mapuche on trial for resistance to Lleu Lleu is dead
Source: paismapuche.org, August 22, 2010

Richard Ñegüey Pilquimán, only 19 years old, died in his community, in Puerto Choque, Lleu Lleu.

He apparently committed suicide. He was one of the 19 Mapuche on trial for resistance to Lleu Lleu,

and was free but with restrictions.

The information was provided by the chief prosecutor of the Cañete Radio Bio Bio. Police said it

“rejects the intervention of third parties.”
Ñegüey was accused of “illicit association to steal firewood” concerning the recuperation that his

people were carrying out in the area of Puerto Choque, south of Lake Lleu Lleu.
Richard is the son of Peru Ñegüey Segundo, also indicted in the same trial.
What is strange is that out of the 19 accused, Richard was the one that risked fewest years in prison.

The sentence sought by the antimapuche prosecutor was 301 days in jail, and as he had no previous

convictions, he could remain at liberty.
Accusations made by young people of Lleu Lleu, under threat of attorney Andres Cruz to defame the

community and go on trial as protected witnesses, should be held in consideration.

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August the 1st 2010
In regard to the hunger strike that is being carried out by our Mapuche brothers in the prisons of Angol, Concepcion and Temuco following their unfair imprisonment by the Chilean “Justice”, the Association of Mapuche Communities fro the Teodora Schmidt commune “Lafken Mapu Newen” would like to say the following to the public opinion.
  1. We declare that our brethren have been arrested without no evidence that could possibly provided (in terms of) by the country’s common law. Nonetheless they have now to go through a long time of reclusion/imprisonment without a trial which might have guaranteed a certain procedure of transparent and egalitarian/equal “justice”. All this been done with a humiliating attitude by the Chilean state. This is why our brothers continue to get locked up by means of highly dubious declarations made by “protected” and faceless witnesses and through fabrications engineered by the political and judiciary powers.
  2. We declare that today the hunger strike has being going on for 20 days and is bringing about a serious worsening of our “penilangems” (COMRADES?) physical and mental health and integrity. However, neither the current government nor the judiciary have shown any concern towards this situation.
  3. We have witnessed with sheer worry and surprise how the president of the Chilean Republic does not hesitate in showing/paying heartfelt consideration towards people from another countries in the same situation as our Mapuche brothers (such as in the case of Cuban political prisoners) while failing to do anything in order to stop the mistreatment and Human Right violations exerted these days upon our Mapuche community.
  4. We believe that this government should change the ways in which approaches its relations with the Mapuche since it will never be able to imprison our people’s consciousness through fear and repression. This is as trying to cover up the sun with just a finger and only promotes the uprising of our communities which will carry on in their struggle for their rights.
  5. We keep following all the current affairs/events as well as seeking the way to publicly denounce them in favour of our rights.
    Signed by:
    Association of Mapuche communities Lafkenche; which gathers 14 Mapuche communities from the “Comuna” (Commune) Teodoro Schmidt.
    “Lafken Mapu Newen”
    Wallmapu: August the 31st of 2009

2nd of august 2010
PUBLIC COMUNIQUE Pu weichafe Territorio Makewe
We the weichafe of the Makewe territory, that have been claiming the mapuche territory since ancient times, we expose to the national and international communities the following:
Today july 30th 2010, we decide to start once again with mobilizations to retrieve the plot of Santa Lucia, stolen by the Pritzque family, this being the first demand of Mapuche territory since the ruling of Sebastin Pinera, a reaction to the worthless dialogue and understanding
that this president and his (government) appeared to have established with the communities in conflict, minimizing our demands to the lack of capital and micro-credit.
Even though the negotiations for the restitution of the land were initiated under ……? governments, the demands of our people are an issue of the state,something that the active government doesn’t want to accept, hiding behind the bicentenary celebration, which is nothing else that a celebration based on the looting of our territories, which started just less than 200 years ago with the pacification (name that was given to the genocide that took place just after the republic was
So, THE montaje “BICENTERY” ISN’T ANYTHING ELSE THAN THE CONTINUATION OF THE GENOCIDE, IN THE HANDS OF SEBASTIAN PINERA, using the “anti-terrorist” law on his side, keeping our peni (brothers) imprisoned as political prisoners in “democratic” governments, that today are continuing a hunger strike to avoid any more mapuche being charged with this “evil-cursed law”.
So, we declare our support to the imprisoned peni, this being the only impunity that our people can have, since no government has had any interest to establish a dialogue with us. The flame that lights once again the struggle for our mother land, our people, and what we deserve, stating with this that our demands won’t be achieved until we get total restitution of our usurped territory.
Taken from: mapuexpress.net
August 12th 2010
Pu peni ka pu lamgen (my brothers and my sisters)
Its been a year and a half since my detention an I communicate you with the same strength and belief that my imprisonment is completely of a political character.
The Chilean state, through all their oppressive mechanisms and responding to the economical interests of the multinationals and landowners settled in mapuche territory hasn’t hesitated to use the same practices used in the dictatorship as planting of fake evidence, and taking advantage of the “antiterrorist” law, questioned and criticized by international human rights organisations, which allows the public minister to use faceless witnesses among other measures, makes the right to a fair process against everything we’ve been charged with under this legal persecution vulnerable. And as if that wasn’t enough we have to confront the judges that are “guaranteed” to openly take the side of the landowners, confirming the fact that they sparingly give resources to criminalize the fair demands of the always
In front of such a panorama it looks like the powerful ones have everything under control, but there is a tool and an invincible element on our side and its called conscious. This is what motivates to support the MAPUCHE struggle given that all of us are daily involved in this history of injustices and it will our daily innocent acts against this injustice that will set us free.
Pu peni ka pu lamgen, I send each of you the most affectionate and brotherly hug and I am convinced that sooner than later I will come back to meet you and assume the pending work.
And remember that “one drop, being not much on its own, with another one makes a storm”
taken from: mapuexpress.net
Mapuche hunger-striker loses 7 kilos after 19 days on hunger and liquid strike..
Public comunique: Andres Gutierrez Cona loses 7 kilos after 19 days.
From the high security prison of Valdivia, the Mapuche political prisoner Andres Gutirrez Cona, sends the following communique, in which on he gives details of his health state and re-afirms his confidence to continue the hunger strike which he started 19 days ago.
Andres Ignacio Gutierrez Cona, mapuche political prisoner, communicates to the mapuche people and to the public opinion in general, the following:
1. -That 19 day ago I started to take part and joined the mapuche political prisoners of Concepcion, Angol and Temuco on a hunger-liquid strike with no ending, which has as its target the end of the application of the “anti-terrorist” law in causes against the mapuche, the release of all mapuche political prisoners that are in different prisons all over the country.
2. -In this strike I have lost more than 7,5 kilos, presenting problems to my state of health, in the form of headaches and low blood pressure.
3. -That in front of the worthless answer of the Chilean state, I ask them to finish once and for all with the situation of the mapuche political prisoners.
4.-To finish I would like to make a call to all mapuche and no mapuche organizations, students, workers and to all people who feel our demands are righteous, to mobilize and to show their unhappiness with the juridical set ups that we are victims of , by the public ministry and the different police organizations, directed by the government in power.
For the liberation of all the mapuche political prisoners.
End to the application of the “anti-terrorist” law against the mapuche people.
Strength to my brothers on hunger strike.
Prison of Valdivia,
Saturday 6 August 2010
taken from: mapuexpress.net  
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