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>Precinct escape
Two officers suspended after eight migrants break out

Two policemen stationed at the precinct of Palaio Faliro, south of Athens, were suspended yesterday after eight detainees escaped from their cells by pulling out the bars of their windows. Of the eight men, four Palestinians, two Afghans and an Algerian had been due for deportation. The eighth, a Pakistani, had been detained on drug dealing charges. Officers later traced two of the Palestinians. The two officers on duty at the time of the group escape have been charged with neglect.

Bomb hoax
An unidentified female caller phoned in a bomb threat to the police on Saturday evening, warning that an explosive device would detonate at the Parliament building in central Athens at exactly 8 p.m. Police cordoned off and searched the area after receiving the call at 7.42 p.m. but found no suspicious device. The woman had telephoned the police’s 100 emergency telephone number.

The announcement for the police to bank robbery in Piraeus
In Piraeus, were arrested by police-three (3) nationals, aged 33, 43 and 24 years respectively, accused of “robbery”, “threat”,
“unlawful detention” and a violation of the Law on Arms.
Particular, 23/08/2010 and 12:28 hours on the headquarters of the General Police Directorate of Attica was informed that the

Bank located at the intersection of University and Heroes Trikoupis was robbery. Immediately there is a general mobilization of all
police forces that existed in the region, Direct Action, groups DI.AS. and Security, which rushed to the spot.
At that time, the Bank came running two (2) persons, one (1) of them armed, which, after a chase, arrested. Within the branch was
one (1) even an armed offender who was holding about eighteen (18) hostages employees and customers of the Bank, with the
threat pistol and two (2) grenade.
Immediately put into effect the special project for the hostage-taking and point police arrived to block the area, as well as
negotiators of the Greek police, who came in contact with the offender and akrovolistikan and I took special forces.
After negotiations, more than two (2) hours of the perpetrator was convinced to leave original fourteen (14) people, customers and
employees of the branch. Negotiations continued until 15.00 hours, when it surrendered.
In possession of the three perpetrators were found and seized the following:
Two (2) hand grenades
One (1) gun TOKAREV
One (1) 22 mm gun
Three (3) pulets boxes
Seventeen (17) Cartridges
Questioning is conducted by the Sub Prosecution of Crimes against life and property, and examined their involvement in other criminal acts.

Greek bank robber wanted in Cyprus

August 24, 2010

ONE OF three men arrested following the storming of a National Bank of Greece branch in Athens yesterday (see page 10)  is wanted by the Cyprus police in connection with the murder of Michalis Kakathymis in Limassol last year.
According to police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos, a European arrest warrant is currently pending for one of the three arrested in the failed bank robbery in Greece which temporarily involved a hostage crisis. He said Cyprus police awaited an official briefing from the Greek police as to whether and when the arrest warrant will be executed and extradition procedures started, given that the man in question was arrested in Athens in a serious case of robbery.
A trial has already begun against five suspects believed to be involved in the murder of former cabaret owner Kakathymis in Limassol last year. The five suspects face a number of charges, though until now, the alleged shooter, a 33-year-old Greek Pontian Constantinos Michaelides, had remained at large.

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