>Madrid – Police Academy and a Benetton store attacked in solidarity with the Mapuche prisoners

Posted on August 19, 2010



madrid.indymedia 9/8

Last night the Benetton store (the company that in collaboration with the Chilean State steals land from the Mapuche people, and exploits them as cheap labor, confining them in kind of concentration camps) in calle Fuencarral, in Madrid was attacked again. The door was destroyed by a large stone and the inscription: “Here we exploit the Mapuche people” left at the secene. A police academy near Atocha was also attacked, this time the window of the entrance door was smashed with a hammer. The words: “Solidarity with the Mapuche people” and “animal killer”.
For the defence of the earth, for the defence of all animals.
Solidarity with the Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike.
For the destruction of the means of production.
We have nothing to self-manage (and even less stupid celebrations of consumption).

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