>List of Mapuche political prisoners in hungerstrike

Posted on August 13, 2010



The hunger strike started on July 12, 2010 in the prisons of Concepcion and Temuco, and later on joined by the prisons of Valdivia, Lebu and Angol, is a call for swift and immediate implementation of justice. Their demands include an end to the implementation of the antiterrorism law, the demilitarization of communities and the release of Mapuche political prisoners.
1. Mauricio Waikilao Waikilao

2. Luís Sergio Tralcal Quidel

3. Claudio Sánchez Lorca

4. Pablo Canio Tralcal

5. Pedro Cheuque

6. Sergio Catrilaf

7. Daniel Canio Tralcal

8. Ángel Reyes Cayupan

9. Jorge Cayupan Ñirripil

10. Francisco Cayupan Ñirripil

11. Elvis Millán Colicheu
12. Eliseo Ñirripil
13. Marco Millanao Mariñan


15. Luis Menares C.

16. Ramón LLanquileo P.
17. Héctor Llaitul C.

18. Jonathan Huillical

19. José Huenuche R.

20. Ignacio Andrés Gutiérrez Coña

21. Víctor Hugo Queipul Millanao

22. José Eugenio Queipul Huaiquil
23. Camilo Hipólito Tori Quillanao
24. Felipe Ricardo Huenchullan Cayul

25. Lorenzo Alex Curipan Levipan
26. Fernando Enrique Millacheo Marin

27. José Guillermo Millacheo Marin
28. Eduardo Oses Moreno
29. Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao

30. Carlos Muñoz Huenuman

31. Eduardo César Painemil Peña
32. Carlos Parra Leiva

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