Posted on August 10, 2010



About 30 people gathered outside the prisons of Trikala and a march in the centre of the city was held yesterday aug 2nd in solidarity for the hunger strike initiated by prisoners about the appalling conditions of detention in prisons.

The gathering lasted one hour, many slogans were shouted and there was intense pulse. The cops didnt expect this at all, and we cought them off guard, so they were running around like crazy and the undercovers didnt know what to do.

We managed to get up to the entrance of the jail and the strength we took and gave the prisoners ment a lot for their struggle. They could here our slogans inside and sometimes they shouted back with their own slogans.
After the end of the intervention outside the prison we held a gathering and shared out leaflets for about an hour in the city centre and more specifically in Riga Ferraiou square. Then we marched through the city’s main streets chanting slogans in solidarity with the hunger strikers, with our imprisoned comrades, slogans about the new robbery measures as well as several anticop and antifaschist ones. Slogans were writtten on many walls, e.g. in the town hall and the people’s interest in asking and wanting to know about prison conditions in the hell holes of democracy was very hopefull.


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