Posted on August 3, 2010



Belgium – Around 250 to 300 vehicules burned each year

BRUSSELS – Federal police says every year about 250 to 300 vehicules get burned. In 2007, the number was 253; in 2008, the estimation was 245 but in 2009, the amount increased to 305. This year, already 139 vehicules suffered arson. Police fears this year will therefore be hotter than the others and says that the arsons doesn’t only concern cars, but also vans.

Vottem – Escape from detention centre for immigrants

VOTTEM – During the walk, a prisoner of the detention centre for immigrants, climbed several high fences and ran away. He was caught later when hiding a few kilometers further in the house of a relative, under a matrass, and was arrested by the anti-banditism brigade of Herstal.

Liège – Wave of burning cars

LIEGE – Police is speaking about a wave of burning cars, fearing a contamination in the areas. In Saint-Nicolas, five vehicles were put on fire (some luxury cars and a van of a shop). When a day later police claimed to have arrested a suspect, another two cars (a BMW and a Renault Twingo) were put on fire.

Two days later in a nearby area, another four cars were burned on different spots. The last weeks, more cars suffered arson in the region of Liège.


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