>32 year old Polish man ‘commits suicide’ in Kypseli police station, Athens.

Posted on August 2, 2010



Earlier today a 32 year old man from Poland comitted suicide while being held in the police station of the Kypseli area in Athens.

He injured himself in the neck region with a piece of glass while he was in the room next to the officers’ office. The 32year old had
been arrested on July 30th for attempting to steal and had been
led to the Public prosecutor in Athens court.
From July 30th he had been kept by decision of the Three-member Magistrate’s court in Athens waiting to be moved to a correctional
facility. Despite the efforts of police officers and private
individual first aid rescuers, the man expired before the ambulance that had been called arrived. A preliminarrliy investigation of the
incident has been opened by Police officials in Athens.

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