>Shots fired at police station in Neuquén, Argentina

Posted on July 30, 2010



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From Liberación Total (July 27, 2010): translate this is our job” blog
Unknown gunmen opened fire at the 20th Precinct in the Parque Industrial neighborhood at around midnight on Thursday. The police officers on duty heard the shots and went outside, managing to glimpse a group of people making their escape some 100 meters away. Patrols immediately began in the vicinity and along the attackers’ escape route, where more shots were heard. Seven bullets hit an exterior wall of the police station, but none of the shots penetrated the cement wall or wounded anyone. Police have been unable to make any arrests.
Neuquén; July 22, 2010
Today, July 22, in the early morning, the Cardenas-Fuentealba Unit paid a visit to the monkeys at the Parque Industrial police station and sprayed their shack with gunfire to wake them up, since no one was on duty at the door, surely due to the cold. We would also like to tell the members of the Bomb Squad that they will continue to receive our little packages, and that one of these days one of them will be for real and will make them pay for the crimes they commit as the system’s mercenaries.
To the eternally corrupt Cutral Có functionary José Cotter: Watch out. The people’s justice will find you sooner than later.

Burn the monkeys’ hovels
Burn the remains of the system
—Cardenas-Fuentealba Unit
—Luciano Arruga Brigade
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