>Buenos Aires – Incendiary attacks on buses of the exploiters

Posted on July 19, 2010





16.07.2010 – Yesterday, the Juan Smith nucleus in collaboration with Clasista comrades dealt a blow to the exploiters of TATA (Empresa de Transporte) transport company, burning 9 buses, and to UTA’s union bureaucrats who reached an agreement with the slave driver bosses, for which our comrades set fire to their buses in the company depot in Calle Rio Cuarto, between Heredia and Vyeites at Barracas in Malos Aires, may no exploiter remain unpunished, nor any bureaucrat without warning from the moment their actions are observed by the proletarian working mass.

Nucleus Juan Bianchi
Clasista Colectivo 22 de Agosto
Brigada Luciano Arruga

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