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The text that was read on behalf of Aris Seirinidis at the concert in Exarchia square on the 25th of june against state oppression.

Urban democracy has always tried to hide its identity. The sonorous constitutional orders about freedom and equality, the pompous statements of human rights, the providence for the socially weak, even the invocation of a revolution as a founding myth, constituted their ideological nutshell, inside of which the urban-democratic state diachronically smoothed and defused the deep class contrasts,that it expressed. The periodical excerbation of these contrasts, the intensity of conflicts, the revolts, but also the innate contrasts of the capitalist system itself teared the humanistic cover of the state and revealed the feigned and coincidental character of democracy. It was the moment state oppression, as a constant threat and as a reality, recieved its position there were the rest of the manipulative machanisms had failed.
The state undressed of the cloak of the social and revealed without restrains its character, as the main tool of class authority.
Especially in regard of the greek state, its position in the world distribution, made it bring less humanitarian alibis compared to the adanced capitalist ones: from the constable and the certificates of beliefs of the post civilwar period, to the non-existent social expenses, the scimming an the fraud of the socialist management, the greek state never achieved to hide its antisocial character.
Traditionally hard for it to acquire social legalisation, the greek state finds itself today also confronting its budgetary bankruptcy. Today, that the suburban “sandcastle” of consumerist prosperity of the last two decades is shattered by the waves of poverty, unemployment seediness, raw, without pretexts, repression comes into the daily provision: on one side as a mean to manage poverty and on the other side as a mean of revenge against anyone who dares to resist. The state imprisons, mutilates, murders and pushes fighters to death.
In its vengefull fury it cannot, however, hide its panic infront of the possibility of the transformation of the generalized social rage into a social revolt.

We stand in solidarity to our hostages, we give strength to our wounded ones, honour our dead and continue!

From Koridallos prison, the ultimate expression of state terrorism, i send my fighting greetings to todays event-barricade against state oppression, aswell as Exarheia, the diachronical laboratory of the struggle for social liberation.

Aris Seirinidis
1st wing Koridallos prisons

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