>Update on imprisoned comrades in Greece 17/06

Posted on June 24, 2010



-On June 8th Polikarpos Georgiadis was transferred with no warning to Kerkura prisons. These prisons were built in the 19th century(!)

in the Bentham panopticon (disambiguation) prototype with 10 wings around the main round administration building. They are of course known for their awful conditions and are considered one of the hardest prisons in Greece.
Polikarpos Georgiadis
Closed Prison of Kerkura
TK 49100
Kerkura [ Corfu]

-About 10 days ago Pola Roupa was transferred from Thiva prison to Korridalos female prison because of her pregnancy and because she will soon give birth.

Strength and Freedom to all comrades in the hellholes of democracy, especially strength and condolences to Aris Seirinidis for the loss of his father and our comrade Kostas.

The struggle inside and outside the cells continues…

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The Polish comrade Michal Pawlak was released from prison Wednesday 9 / 6.
The release of our comrade gives us courage and strength to continue.
The Social and class Struggle cannot be imprisoned or suppressed.
We will continue until all comrades and all of us free ourselves from the prison of power and capitalism.

THE STRUGGLE Continues!!
Athens 14/6

For Comrade Kostas, father of Aris Sirinidis

Kostas was everywhere. In the street, on the side of the oppressed, the political prisoners, all those that are being chased by the state. A clean and honest presence of those that will be missed in society. This is why he couldn’t accept the sad story that was set up against his son. Aris arrest, the attempt by cops and journalists to connect the 34 year old with a army robbery (besides the fact that there was proof all along that showed that he has nothing to do with it). His ten-day detainment in g.a.d.a. and his imprisonment without any evidence as “the crazy one with the sombrero and sandals” that shot against the riotcop van.

It was the last and most crucial of Kostas’ struggles, who didn’t see his son free.
farewell comrade.

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