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Terminal 119 & Cafe Morgenland  [ June / 2010]

When the knife comes out of the bag…

“When a woman kills her rapist, then the result of this action is not that we have a murderer on one side and a victim on the other, but we have a dead person on one side and a free person on the other”

On Sunday June 6th, two teenagers, 15 and 16 years old, met up in the village of Kerkini in Serres (northern Greece) to find some money to put their plan to leave their “troubled family environment” into effect, as they said in their testimonies to the interrogator. There they met a friend of one of the girl’s grandfather who promised to help them financially as long as they pleased his sexual appetites. When the two girls refused to make the deal he tried to harrass them and started touching them. The two young women, two young kids in reality that didn’t act within the predetermined framework, carrying for self protection a small knife, pulled it out and started stabbing him to get him off them. The 80-year-old died. The girls were arrested and today are imprisoned after the common agreement of the prosecutor and district attorney in Nigrita police station. They are waiting there to be transferred to a juvenile prison, accused of murder and robbery since they took ten euro from him when they tried to leave.


With this article we would like to declare our unconditional solidarity to the two young girls and ask for an investigation to start in the village of Kerkini Serron because this case only came up now and this is usually only the tip of the iceberg.

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